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Dienstag, 19. September 2017, 09:54

6 Ways to Save Money for Motorists

6 Ways to Save Money for Motorists
1, select the regular refueling point
2, choose morning or evening to refuel
Morning or evening refueling, the same volume of gasoline can have more quality, you can also save much cost after the accumulation.
3,6 Ways to Save Money for Motorists, As far as possible in the way of liter to refuel
4, please fill the tank half or 2/3 if you will go for downtown
Because the urban traffic often make your car stop and go, if you fill the fuel tank which will be more heavy engine load, start and then make the vehicle fuel consumption, Moreover, There are many the distribution of urban gas stations, do not have to worry about refueling
5, if the car is rarely used, it is recommended to keep the oil in the low level
6, Please find the next one when you see the tanker
If you are about to enter the gas station and finding a tanker parked a tanker, please turn to find a next gas station. Because the tanker fueling will fill the bottom of the tank for many years of deposition, it is likely to be added to your tank. It will affect the engine life if these impurities into the engine cylinder.
7, Do not refuel after the typhoon, rainstorm weather
Although the gasoline is stored in the ground, there may be some leakage,hho generator, after the storm for a long time, the exhausted rain may leak into tank, which will affect the car engine life.
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